All Ministes From Goa to Seek Continuation of Iron Ore Mines

An all party delegation from Goa will approach the Centre, March 5 with a demand to ensure that iron ore mining is allowed to continue in the state after March 16. The delegation will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, mines minister Narendra Singh Tomar and union minister for shipping Nitin Gadkari. 
The Supreme Court recently cancelled 88 iron ore licences in Goa where these lease holders have now been told to stop operating by March 16 and apply afresh for leases. 
Ambar Timblo, president, Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association (GMOEA) said: “We have been given an appointment at the PMO. We could attempt to update the offices of the prime minister on the impact of the closure of mining operations from March 15. The effect on the economy, employment and investment credibility going forward, as this is the worst economic event in recent history.” 
Out of Goa’s population of 14 lakh, some 60,000 are employed in the mining sector. Closure of mining is estimated to impact about 20% of population. The state is expected to lose Rs 3,500 crore in revenues if mining activity gets stopped. Commenting on options being considered by GMOEA, Timblo said: “We are evaluating various probable methods and solutions, including a review.”